We Offer Flexible, Scaleable Office Support

Why hire someone full-time or even part-time when you can hire us on an as needed basis without the employee overhead?  We offer a full range of office support services (typically you would have to hire 2+ employees to get our full set of skills), but you only pay for what you use and without all the related costs of hiring an employee.  

We can come to your site or work remotely (we have clients in all areas, offering virtual services), our goal is to be flexible in order to provide you WHAT YOU NEED to most effectively grow and manage your business.


We Offer Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

We offer basic bookkeping services for QuickBooks online or desktop, as well as Payroll, and can work in conjunction with your Tax Professional or CPA to ensure accurate, up-to-date reporting and financial information for your company and to all Federal and State entities.  

We can manage A/R, A/P, receipt logging, invoicing, reconciliation of bank and credit cards and help you better manage profit & loss review by job/project if desired.  Having control of your books means improved visibility to business health and improved cash flow


What Other Services Do You Need?

We can manage many other aspects of your business where there is a need - lien releases, scheduling, productivity & process improvements, errands, filing, phone assistance, research, etc., just tell us where we can best lend assistance.

We have professional, reliable, skilled resources, so let us help you manage your back-office so you can be where you are most valuable . . . with clients, working on new opportunities and enjoying the success you have worked so hard to achieve when we free up your time.

Certifications & Associations