About Us

Our Experience


We have 30+ years in professional and management roles and 8+ years involved with construction office management as well as experience with restaurant/theater and Home Owner's Associations (the later 2 being fairly complex to manage with sales tax, tips, POS to Settlement report to bookkeeping reconcilations, HOA rules and collections, etc.)   

We share our passion for helping people achieve success by helping others get there, and stay there and offering a cost effective solution to your needs.  If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, just think about the cost of hiring an amatuer!

For new businesses, our ramp up process is designed to empower you and your team and outfit you with the tools you need to succeed and be efficient.  We can help ensure you start off with a solid foundation that will grow with you and your business.

For existing businesses, we can help you manage your existing needs or desired goals, help with special projects, improve your processes and help achieve growth, if that is your desired direction. 

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, improve your productivity and processes and help keep you focused on what you do best, putting you on a solid track to success and profit.  

We are professional, reliable, resourceful and committed to confidentiality; we are not simply your neighborhood part-time bookkeeper. 

We are a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, QuickBooks Pro Certified and we carry Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Our Approach


Our services can be provided at your site or remotely from ours.  

We offer a comprehensive consultation to help identify opportunities where we can provide the best addition to your team.  

We can offer as little or as much time as you need and we can grow over time as we build both our relationship and your business.

The Benefit to You


We are flexible, knowledgeable and will scale to your needs so you are not paying a full-time employee, or multiple employees, to achieve what we offer.  

We are just a piece in the puzzle, but a well run office is an important key to business success, to business growth and to you being able to achieve balance in your professional and personal life.  

Whether you’re simply seeking someone to get your receipts logged and filing done, or a broad scope of business services, call us today . . . Together we’ll create and design your plan for success.   

Phone:  925-413-3100

Email:  laurie@commoncentsoffice.com

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